Vision and Values

Factory Audit



Total Quality Management
The independent Quality assurence team monitor and measuse the characteristics of the product
to verify that the product requirements have been met to improve and stabilize production and
associated processes to avoid,or at least minimize ,issues that led to the defects in the first place,
to prevent mistakes from arising.

Quick sample
We own walmart standard fitting model and professional samples making room,can become an
integral role in the design process;commenting on garments and materials with regards to fit,
movement and objective feedback on the 'fit',reduce rework time and provide right samples quickly,
the fitting models come from Alvanon.

Delivery on time
When an order is placed ,it is scheduled based on a requested delivery date,once a commitment is
made,we do everything within our control to adhere to this date.Scheduling buffers are set up in
front of each manufacturing process to help synchronize the workload and build in flexibility to
absorb unexpected changes and delays. If a job falls behind schedule due to customer changes,
adjustments will be made to hold as close to the original commitment as possible.

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