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Factory Audit


Factory Audit

We have very experience consultant to instruct factory continous improvements on
Quality system/Environmental management/Health and safety Management. We
sure our products responsibly,continous improve social and environmental practices,
and protect our customer's reputation and that of our individual businesses and
Quality system
We review the factory regularly to confirm that the companies have
established and maintained a uniform quality management system,use
the Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) approach and the management tools
to improve factory performance ,such as defining policy and objectives,
monitoring and measuring processes and product characteristics,
specifying corrective and preventive actions and encouraging continous
Environmental management
We have committed to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
This signals the high requirements we place on the quality of our inspecition
systems and means that everybody ultimately benefits,including the
environment and every company. We can meet some of the requirements
relating to the reduction of emissions by carrying out climate protection
projects, review the Environmental action plan and year reductions in
environmental impact.
Health and safety Management
Comply with relevant legislation and standards, promotes the health of
employees in the workplace and a comfortable working environment, our
factoryes have passed below corporations or organization 's audit on
healthy and safety management.
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